Vegetarian Quinoa Paella and Beef Empanadas


I have been searching for a good vegetarian paella recipe and I finally found one!  This one is made with quinoa instead of the traditional rice, but I think it works quite well!  I put in the whole sprig of fresh thyme to season the paella and took it out before serving.  I found this easier than getting the leaves off of the thyme plant.  I used drained canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones and it tasted great.  What I learned about saffron is that the red saffron turns yellow as you mix it with the water.  I found this in the spice section at a local grocery store.

Quinoa Paella Recipe

As for the beef empanadas, these required a bit of time and effort but they were quite yummy!  I added a decent amount of salt and some red pepper flakes to get the right flavor for the meat.  Just keep adding salt until it tastes right, otherwise the meat might be a bit bland.  I also replaced half of the flour with whole wheat flour to make for a heartier dough.  They freeze quite well and make for a great snack in a hurry this way!

Beef Empanada Recipe

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